To develop with React, you’ll want a modern web browser with a JavaScript console and debugger. The latest versions of all the major browsers have the tools you need, but we highly recommend using Google Chrome for the course, as we can provide the most detailed help for the tools built into Chrome.

We recommend installing the following extensions:

  • React Developer Tools: Self-explanatory.
  • JSON Formatter: This displays JSON in a readable format in Chrome. There are several extensions that share this name. Accept no imitations; use the one I link to here.
  • Postman: This is a REST client. It provies a nice interface for building HTTP requests, including POST requests—ideal for testing APIs. Also available as a free, standalone desktop app.


Paw is a very nice alternative to Postman, but it isn’t free. If you like making your student debt even higher supporting fellow developers by buying commercial software, give Paw a shot.