Final Wrap-up

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Congratulations, you survived the bootcamp! You’re all experts in React now, right?

Just kidding. We’ve got a good handle on the basics of React and web development, but it’s important to keep pushing yourself to solidify the concepts you’ve learned and continue extending your skills. We’ve compiled a list of some resources to continue your journey towards becoming a competent web developer.

Lecture Videos



Resources for continued learning


  • JavaScript 30 - this was part of the optional pre-work, but it was definitely on the difficult side. If you haven’t completed it already, you should definitely have the skills to complete it now.
  • Understanding ES6 - I really enjoyed reading this free e-book. It’s well-written with good explanations, and helped solidify my understanding of how JavaScript works.
  • CodeWars, HackerRank, Exercism - All are free resources for solving practice problems (and seeing other people’s solutions) in the language of your choice. Excellent for leveling up your skills.


  • React Training - Training on all sorts of React-related topics by the team that created React Router. Some lessons are free, some are paid, but they’re all really good.
  • Learn Redux - An excellent tutorial for learning how to build an app (Instagram clone) using Redux - one of the most popular patterns for creating scalable React apps.